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Current Newsletter:

Newsletter Summer 2015

In this newsletter we discuss acupuncture in pets, snake bite and what to do, have you considered having a guinea pig or rabbit and the importance of puppy pre-school.

Previous newsletters:

Newsletter Winter 2015

In this newsletter, the topic include reducing breast cancer in dogs through desexing, Diego’s hidden lump, a new quarterly flea treatment for dogs and 4Cyte Arthritis treatment for your pets

Newsletter Summer 2014

Summer is the time to be wary of heat stress in pets.  It is also a time for grass seeds which can be troublesome as well as itchy skin.  Many of you might be travelling with your pets and this newsletter has tips for that.  Finally there is a discussion of pancreatitis as summer time means fatty foods.

Newsletter Autumn 2014

This newsletter has topics that include cash back on Comfortis flea control, anal gland problems in dogs, anaesthesia in small animals, importance of puppy preschool and dental care in your pets

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