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Nicola Lawson

Nicola became a qualified vet nurse in 2005 in New Zealand.  She moved from New Zealand to Melbourne and worked for Animal hospitals of Australia at their Carlton Clinic.  In 2009, Nicola moved to Ballarat and became a part of the Eureka veterinary Group.  

Nicola and her partner Abe have also travelled to part of Europe, looking for unique collars to bring back to their loving pets.  One which they discovered at Harrods, London was worth £290.00 each (subsequently they did not purchase them).

Since the birth of her beautiful girl, Lola, Nicola is working part time at the clinic, and is now expecting her second child in October.

Nicola and Abe pets include one over self-important ginger cat "Mikey" and two staffy's "Ruben" and "Mishka" who are always on clean up duties after Lola.

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